Annual average traffic flows

The Traffic and Accident Data Unit (TADU), based at Gateshead Council, collect data from a large network of automatic traffic and pedal cycle counters located on roads around the region, predominantly Tyne and Wear but with a small number of counters in Northumberland. 

These counters are usually set up to collect hourly traffic flow data (with some more major sites also set up to collect 15 minute data). This helps transport planners and other interested parties to see how traffic has historically flowed on the road network, and aids in the production of traffic flow models. The data available here shows average hourly, daily, and monthly traffic flows for each of our sites where the data are available from the last calendar year.  

More data, including unaggregated, historic and classified counts for many sites, are available on request from TADU. However, please note that there is usually a charge for this service