Designs registered

Number of designs registered by North East individuals and businesses

In 2016, 114 designs were registered to individuals and organisations located in the North East (region). This is equivalent to 53 designs registered for every million of the adult population in the region. This is less than half of the England excluding London rate and just under a third of the England rates. The North East has the lowest rate of designs registered of the English regions. 

The main reason for the lower rate of designs registered in the North East (region) is fewer applications – although the North East also has one of the lower rates of applications approved.  

Designs granted per million adult (16+) population, 2016

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Source: IPO facts and figures - Design data 2015-2016 (Intellectual Property Office); Published: 15 August 2017; Updated: 2 November 2017

Data information: Based on the North East region and devolved administration