More jobs target

Our target to increase the number of available jobs in North East

In 2014, employment in all jobs was 811,300 in the North East LEP area. The North East Strategic Economic Plan sets a target to increase this by 100,000, by 2024. 

Progress: By September 2020, employment in all jobs in the North East LEP area had increased by 69,500 since 2014 to 880,800. 

Note: The latest data covers a 12-month period to the end of September 2020 and, therefore, almost half of the survey took place in a period prior to the effects of Covid-19 on the economy. People who are temporarily absent from a job with a reasonable expectation of returning to their job after the absence are classified as employed in these statistics. This includes furloughed workers.

Employment in all jobs in the North East LEP area since 2014

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Source: Annual Population Survey – Workplace Analysis  [Nomis, last updated 26 Jan 2021]

Data information: Based on the North East LEP area