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The latest trends

Using live data from the North East transport and economic authorities, we have analysed the latest trends to give you an idea of how the region is performing.

Here are some topics you might be interested in.

Data analysis

Metro reliability and patronage

Use our data to compare how reliable the Metro is with the numbers using this service.

Metro reliability and patronage. Analyse data

Designs, trademarks and patents

Compare the numbers of designs, trademarks and patents registered by individuals and organisations in the North East.

Designs, trademarks and patents. Analyse data

What is the North East Data Hub?

The North East Data Hub is an online platform designed to bring together all of the key data about the North East and to provide tools to help residents, businesses, education establishments and policy makers to make use of the data available in a simple way.

It has been developed by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and the North East Combined Authority, with support from transport authorities - NEXUS, TADU and UTMC.

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